Turfgrass and shade
by Logan Freeman Golf Course Superintendent Mountain Branch Golf Course Joppa, Maryland 21085, USA
"I am a golf course superintendent and have found the augmented reality application to be of great benefit to my job.

The position of the sun at various times of the day, and year, are vital to me being able to provide the best course conditions as possible. One of the most detrimental things to the health of my bentgrass putting greens, during the summer months, is shade. To put it simply, and to spare everyone the technical details, shade results in weak unhealthy turfgrass.
So, in order to improve the health of the turf in relation to shade, those of us in golf course maintenance may need to remove or prune trees in order to increase the amount of sunlight that reaches the ground. The time of year that we are usually able to do this work is during the winter months.

However, the sun is obviously no longer in the same position in the sky as it is during the summer, so it is easy to forget which trees are causing the problem during the summer.
This is where the fantastic application of saves the day for me and my crew. allows me to tell the sun's path in association with the trees around my greens, and therefore it helps me determine which trees either need to be removed, or need to be pruned.

In the turfgrass industry we are always looking for something that can be helpful and beneficial in our turfgrass management "toolbox", and I am excited to have found This augmented reality application is proving an invaluable tool and I would greatly recommend it to anyone whose job or hobby involves knowing where the sun, moon or shadows are at any given time. It's well worth it."
Logan Freeman, Golf Course Superintendent about